Battle for Zendikar Game Day

Saturday and Sunday October 24th and 25th

Battle for Zendikar Game Day is almost here. Our tournaments are swiss standard constructed and are run at normal REL. Entry is Free. Saturday’s starts at 6:00 pm and Sunday starts at 1:00 pm. There is a Battle for Zendikar sealed PPTQ starting at 11:00 am on Saturday before game day. Everyone who participates will… read more

FCB’s Table Top Day 2015

Check us out for International Tabletop Day for events based around your favorite game systems.   We will offer demos and tournaments for the following game systems. Android Netrunner Southern Mega City Qualifier 11:00 AM Warhammer 40k (kill team) Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Saturday 11:00 AM (competitive event) Magic The Gathering Tiny Leaders Saturday 5:00… read more