FCB’s Table Top Day 2015

Check in for some board gaming and RPG's

Check us out for International Tabletop Day for events based around your favorite game systems.   We will offer demos and tournaments for the following game systems. Android Netrunner Southern Mega City Qualifier 11:00 AM Warhammer 40k (kill team) Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Saturday 11:00 AM (competitive event) Magic The Gathering Tiny Leaders Saturday 5:00… read more

New MTG Weekend Events at FCB

Play for multiple formats available!

Starting this weekend FCB will offer two new weekly events.  Saturday Night Standard and Sunday Afternoon Modern.  We have also announced the continuation of our Saturday Tiny Leaders League event, although the time has been moved up two hours for those who wish to play in both. These events will run like our FNM with… read more

Magic The Gathering Competitive REL at FCB

Glory and prizes are up for grabs.

This schedule isn’t complete yet, but we do have some events coming up worth mentioning.   Here is the tentative schedule for competitive REL at FCB. March 29th Grand Prix Trial Charlotte – Modern Constructed- April 25th Star City Invitational Qualifier -Standard Constructed- April 26th Grand Prix Trial Las Vegas -Standard Constructed- May 23rd PPTQ Milwaukee… read more

Lunch and Dinner is Back on the Table

Our menu of Lunch and Dinner options is back.

FCB Has once again partnered with our friends at Mojitos Cafe to serve lunch and dinner inside the store.  No need to make a trip somewhere or even walk next door, just walk up to the register and make your purchase.  Your order will be delivered to your table.  The menu is as follows. Cuban… read more

We Now Carry Wizkids Dice Masters Singles

Check out the store for great prices.

To go along with our organized play we will now feature singles as well.  Use this post for an updated inventory list.   UPDATED SINGLES INVENTORY SR Black Widow Tsarina Wolverine Canucklehead Promo Takedown x2 Collateral Damage x2 Averngers Rare Mr. Fantastic The Invicible Man Mystique Could be Anyone 2 Nick Fury Patch Nightcrawler Circus… read more